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Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

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Hexagon Computer-Aided Dispatch System Achieves Initial Operational Capability With U.S. Marine Corps

6.3.2017 9:00  

The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Consolidated Emergency Response System (CERS) program received Initial Operational Capability (IOC) certification, declaring Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system is operational and meets the IOC CERS requirements. This important step in the system’s implementation is part of the Full-Rate Production Decision Review, the last step in a rigorous implementation and approvals process.

Developed by Hexagon, I/CAD provides federal installations with hardware and software to manage incoming 911 emergency calls and incident management components accurately and in real-time. Following achieving IOC status, the CERS program will continue to implement the market-leading I/CAD system to 12 USMC bases throughout the world. Approval was based on rigorous testing, engineering and the live operation of I/CAD at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point in North Carolina.

For certification, I/CAD was also required to meet the stringent Risk Management Framework cybersecurity requirements of the DoD and the U.S. Navy. The system passed Milestone C approval last year, which certifies it meets over 1,500 stated requirements for the Marine Corps.

“Our live system acceptance at MCAS Cherry Point proves the I/CAD system meets the stringent requirements of the DoD and the U.S. Marine Corps, ensuring that the nation’s warfighters are protected at home,” said Cameron Smith, Hexagon US Federal vice president of security solutions.

Achieving Defense Acquisition System IOC approval allows the fielding of the CERS system to all remaining USMC installations listed in the five-year, $35 million Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract awarded to Hexagon US Federal, formerly Intergraph Government Solutions, in 2014.

Oncor Upgrades to Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s GIS and Network Modelling Solution

2.2.2017 11:00  

Oncor Electric Delivery Company (Oncor) has selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to deliver geospatial data across the company’s operations. Hexagon’s geographic information system (GIS) and network modelling solution will coordinate with other business systems to streamline network design and documentation and asset and project management. The real-time connectivity model will go beyond standard GIS capabilities and will serve as a single source of truth for location-based network information at Oncor.

Oncor distribution engineers will use Hexagon’s software to maintain the electric distribution network model, plus a secondary network and a fiber network, to support the company’s operations. The new system will feature Intergraph G/Technology, which enables operators to maintain a definitive source of reliable, location-based information describing the network and its connectivity. Intergraph G/Technology’s superior network modelling capabilities will provide a data model with rules-based validation for data integrity that will feed operational systems – such as the distribution management system, customer information system and work and asset management system – via industry standard interfaces.

“Data integrity is crucial to our planning and operations,” said Joel Austin, vice president and chief information officer, Oncor. “As a core component of our enterprise information architecture, Hexagon’s systems will help ensure our data is accurate, consistent and available. By leveraging the network model across different business functions, we can deliver better operational efficiency, electric reliability and customer satisfaction.”

Oncor is a regulated electric transmission and distribution service provider that supports 10 million customers via the largest transmission and distribution system in Texas; made up of approximately 121,000 miles of lines and more than 3.3 million advanced meters. Following a rigorous vendor selection process, Oncor selected Hexagon because of the Hexagon software’s network modelling capabilities, open architecture and scalability, plus the established partnership between the two companies. Hexagon’s Intergraph InService outage management system serves as a key component of Oncor’s smart grid capabilities.

The project will also include Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works, which supports the complete life cycle of fiber network management, and Intergraph NetWorks, which provides secure, real-time access to the network model across different business functions.

“Oncor has been our customer for more than two decades,” said Anna Throneberry, vice president and general manager of U.S. utilities, communications and transportation, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “We’re honored the company again selected us as its vendor of choice for another critical IT initiative. Our systems are the go-to platforms for meeting the rigorous requirements needed to manage utility network models.”

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure helps utilities and communications companies achieve greater reliability, increase efficiency and fulfill the expectations of customers, shareholders and regulators. A pioneer in the development and application of location-based technology, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has provided solutions to hundreds of utilities and communications customers around the globe for 40 years, supporting network engineering, network operations, customer services, sales and marketing and physical security.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Launches New Police Analytics Software

26.1.2017 9:00  

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has launched Intergraph InSight Explorer, a self-serve, web-based crime mapping and analysis application for law enforcement agencies. Intergraph InSight Explorer empowers agencies to discover, analyze and visualize complete crime, incident and operational data. With richer insight and clearer presentation of complex information, agencies can uncover trends and patterns that assist investigations and improve the allocation of resources.

Intergraph InSight Explorer allows analysts to search through and interpret large volumes of unstructured and structured data to make more informed decisions. The application displays data in map and tabular format with interactive widgets, charts and filters for in-depth analysis. It also speeds up the investigative process by allowing detectives and investigators to perform simple analysis, freeing analysts to concentrate on the most demanding tasks.

“A vital component to successful crime reduction is the ability to search through and analyze the vast amounts of available data to provide a solid basis for decision-making,” said Jack Williams, product manager, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “Intergraph InSight Explorer brings all this information together in one easy-to-use tool for analyzing the complete picture. With it, agencies can reduce the cost and burden of analysis and increase productivity. And with a clearer presentation of complex information, they can deploy resources more effectively and better inform their leadership, political stakeholders and citizens.”

Intergraph InSight Explorer leverages next-generation NoSQL search capabilities that unlock the value of unstructured text data -- such as modus operandi (M.O.) details, property descriptions and gang names -- found in narratives, reports and event remarks. When combined with the structured data collected in coded fields within records management systems and computer-aided dispatch systems, it delivers the context required to understand the complete picture.

By leveraging the power of Elasticsearch, Intergraph InSight Explorer supports organizations that need a big data solution. The software can easily process millions of records of structured and unstructured data from multiple, historically siloed sources and combine them into a single crime mapping and analysis application. By combining unstructured data, tabular results, fuzzy logic, geo-referenced data and non-XY data, it delivers a more complete analysis. Intergraph InSight Explorer provides out-of-the-box integration with Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS and Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) and can be integrated with third-party data sources for unified access.

The global leader in public safety and security, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure helps protect 1 in 12 people worldwide. Hexagon’s public safety and security solutions improve the quality, accuracy and availability of critical information, increasing performance and productivity, while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT investments.

RapidSOS and Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Partner to Equip 9-1-1 Centers with Accurate Location from Smartphone Callers

17.1.2017 13:00  

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and RapidSOS have partnered to provide public safety agencies that use Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) with accurate location and additional data from the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse. Through this partnership, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) working with Hexagon will be able to harness data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse — including accurate handset location from all smartphone location sensors.

Millions of smartphones and other connected devices transmit precise device-based hybrid location and additional data to the RapidSOS Clearinghouse when a 9-1-1 call or other request for emergency is made. Through the RapidSOS integration, I/CAD users will be able to query the RapidSOS Clearinghouse when a wireless call is received to retrieve supplementary location and additional data through NG9-1-1 delivery mechanisms. For the first time, PSAPs are able to fully leverage the capabilities of modern smartphones to aid in emergency response, without a need for the caller to use an app. The partnership will benefit U.S. agencies initially with plans to expand internationally later in the year.

“Obtaining accurate location from smartphone calls is critical for PSAPs and first responders,” said Steven Marz, vice president of product management, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “Through our partnership with RapidSOS, we can provide our computer-aided dispatch customers with a much-needed new capability that will improve the speed and accuracy of emergency response.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure,” said Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS. “This partnership will transform how 9-1-1 call takers respond to mobile callers, resulting in dramatically improved emergency outcomes for millions of emergencies nationwide, and ultimately globally.”

A global leader in public safety and security, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure helps protect 1 in 12 people worldwide. Hexagon’s public safety and security solutions improve the quality, accuracy and availability of critical information, increasing performance and productivity, while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT investments.

Intergraph Government Solutions Announces Corporate Name Change to Hexagon US Federal

9.1.2017 9:00  

Intergraph Government Solutions (IGS) today became Hexagon US Federal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure serving the U.S. federal government market. The new name allows the company to more closely identify with a global technology leader and better offer Hexagon family best-of-class technology directly to U.S. government customers.

“Six years ago, we were acquired by Hexagon and now it’s time to evolve,” said Joe Fehrenbach, president and chief executive officer, Hexagon US Federal. “Our commitment to high quality services, solutions and products, as well as our core values of accountability, integrity, relationships and excellence that guide our business will not change.”

Hexagon US Federal will continue to operate with an independent board of directors and the current leadership and structure will remain intact. The Intergraph name will still be seen on some product lines and no business will be interrupted.

“We’re excited about this change and what the future holds,” said Fehrenbach. “We also look forward to continued success with our partners and customers.”

The new name and brand include a new logo, brand creative identity, a new website and more.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Offers Advanced Distribution Management System for Electric Utility Companies

21.12.2016 9:00  

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure now offers a fully-integrated advanced distribution management system (ADMS) solution to better enable utilities to manage their complex electrical distribution infrastructure and take advantage of real-time operational data. The ADMS solution will aid utilities in improving their network reliability and resilience by streamlining operations and expediting critical actions and decisions.

Leveraging Hexagon’s strategic alliance with ETAP, the single-vendor ADMS solution features Hexagon’s Intergraph InService with embedded distribution management system (DMS) engine from ETAP. The solution includes comprehensive network analysis tools to perform distribution state estimation, dispatcher power flow and fault calculations; the ability to operate telemetered and non-telemetered devices for ad-hoc operations or planned switching; fault location identification, volt-var control and fault-isolation service restoration; and increased efficiency of field crews and restoration activities.

“The ADMS solution is scalable to provide smart grid capabilities to any sized utility, from the largest investor-owned company to small municipal utilities,” said Anna Throneberry, vice president, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “The flexibility of the underlying configurable, off-the-shelf system enables utilities to deploy an ADMS that is unique to their operational procedures without requiring costly customizations.”

The integration between Hexagon’s and ETAP’s products is built upon common information model (CIM) and other industry standards, which have been proven in production environments, linking together outage management systems (OMS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and DMS.

“Integrating real-time situational awareness, event management and online electrical network analysis capabilities allows utility distribution operators to better visualize, analyze and optimize smart grid operations,” said Tanuj Khandelwal, chief technology officer, ETAP. “A single user interface for outage management, dispatching and advanced analytics brings together situational intelligence utilities need to operate their distribution networks more efficiently and at reduced cost.”

Any successful real-time operation requires a functional electrical model that is detailed, accurate and current. By further leveraging Hexagon’s network model management solution, utilities can create and maintain a complete and reliable ADMS master network model – from supply points to individual meters – supplying relevant network model data to all the systems that need it.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure helps utilities and communications companies achieve greater reliability, increase efficiency and fulfill the expectations of customers, shareholders and regulators. A pioneer in the development and application of location-based technology, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has provided solutions to hundreds of utilities and communications customers around the globe for 40 years, supporting network engineering, network operations, customer services, sales and marketing and physical security.

CP Selects Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure for Incident and Emergency Management and Response

6.12.2016 9:00   Canadian Pacific (CP) has selected an integrated suite of public safety software from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure for managing its major incidents and responses. The dispatching and mobile solutions will aid CP Police Service (CPPS) and CP Dangerous Goods teams in managing incidents along CP’s 12,000-mile rail network across Canada and the United States, while its integrated incident and emergency management solution will provide emergency planning and response capabilities.

“The safety of CP’s employees, our customers’ goods and the communities in which we operate is a priority for CP,” said Laird Pitz, CP vice president and chief risk officer. “The Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure suite of software ensures our police and emergency response teams have the information and resources they require to respond quickly and appropriately to incidents.”

The public safety solution suite features Hexagon’s industry-leading incident management software, Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD), which will be used by CPPS’s Control Centre to dispatch emergency response teams and others. The suite includes Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety, a powerful in-vehicle field application for mobile dispatching that will be used by all field personnel. CP will deploy Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS for records management, which will include powerful business intelligence and analytical capabilities to improve public safety, mitigate risk and support CP’s operations. It will also implement Intergraph Planning & Response, an application for coordinating information and resources for planned major events and unplanned disasters and emergencies.

“Hexagon’s solutions for public safety and security exemplify today’s best practices in risk management and interoperability with enterprise systems,” said Jacques Tremblay, vice president, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “The Hexagon solution suite at CP is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. CP is an innovator in the marketplace."

The global leader in public safety and security, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure helps protect 1 in 12 people worldwide. Hexagon’s public safety and security solutions improve the quality, accuracy and availability of critical information, increasing performance and productivity, while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT investments.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Black Creek Partner to Offer Jail Management System

14.12.2015 9:00  

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Black Creek Integrated Systems Corp. have partnered to offer Black Creek’s SallyPort Jail Management System (JMS) as part of Hexagon’s integrated suite of public safety solutions.

Through the partnership, Hexagon will provide SallyPort JMS to law enforcement and corrections agencies in the U.S. and Canada, alongside Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD), a suite of industry-leading incident management software, and inPURSUIT WebRMS, a cloud-based records management system (RMS).

With seamless integration from CAD to RMS to JMS, the combined solution will facilitate the exchange of critical information within the criminal justice system, such as between patrol, records and detention divisions of municipal and county governments.

“This partnership provides customers with a fully integrated and comprehensive solution, combining the best incident, records and jail management software available,” said David McDonald, vice president and general manager, U.S. public safety, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “From the initial 911 call, through the officer writing a report, to booking of the suspect, this integrated solution will help enhance agency efficiency and performance.”

Black Creek JMS Screenshot

Black Creek’s SallyPort JMS is a full-featured, Windows-based, jail management system specifically designed for municipal and county jails. SallyPort JMS accurately maintains inmate records and saves administrative time and costs while meeting or exceeding mandatory reporting requirements. 

“Black Creek is proud to join Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s list of partners and work alongside it to provide jails with the best information ecosystems possible,” said I.E. Newton, president, Black Creek. “The combination of Black Creek’s innovation and experience in the corrections market and Hexagon’s industry leading public safety software and professional services creates a win-win for city and county governments.”

The global leader in public safety and security, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure (formerly Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure) helps protect 1 in 12 people worldwide. Hexagon’s public safety and security solutions improve the quality, accuracy and availability of critical information, increasing performance and productivity, while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT investments.

Intergraph® Global Engineering Conferences to Visit Indonesia and Malaysia

19.8.2014 14:23   Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur events to showcase cutting-edge engineering solutions and connect leaders across the energy and marine industries

Baltimore/Washington International Airport and Intergraph® Receive Prestigious Award

14.8.2014 14:26   Government Security News recognizes consolidated dispatch center utilizing Intergraph® technology

Intergraph® Announces Korean Dates for Global Engineering Conferences

14.8.2014 14:23   Seoul and Busan events to showcase cutting-edge engineering solutions and connect leaders across the energy and marine industries

Intergraph® Announces Australian Leg of Global Engineering Conferences

7.8.2014 14:35   Brisbane and Perth events to showcase cutting-edge engineering solutions and connect leaders across the mining and energy industries

Intergraph® Quality Management System Receives ISO 9001:2008 Recertification

14.2.2013 10:53   Certificate covers Process, Power & Marine Global Support and Quality Assurance group and Security, Government & Infrastructure Product Development and Customer Support

Intergraph® releases CloudWorx for SmartPlant® Isometrics 2012 R1

13.2.2013 12:05   Collaboration with Leica Geosystems enables users to quickly build as-built piping isometrics directly from laser scan point clouds

Hyundai Heavy Industries Selects Intergraph® SmartPlant® 3D

12.2.2013 16:43   Plant division of world’s largest shipbuilder uses next-generation 3D engineering design technology to boost productivity of power plant projects

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. Selects Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise

5.2.2013 16:43   Leading Korean engineering company uses Intergraph technology to establish engineering standard for power and water plant projects

Oncor Deploys Intergraph®'s InService Outage Management System

28.1.2013 11:22   Oncor recently deployed Intergraph®'s InService Outage Management System (OMS), which automatically determines where network faults are located, allow

ERDAS APOLLO 2013 Available as Part of Intergraph® Geospatial 2013

16.1.2013 11:51   Intergraph® announces the release of ERDAS APOLLO 2013 as part of Intergraph Geospatial Portfolio 2013. ERDAS APOLLO 2013 is a comprehensive data mana

Intergraph® enters partnership with Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla to train students with industry-leading design solutions

15.1.2013 12:23   Mexican institution of higher education will use SmartPlant® Enterprise software in its Superior Studies of Engineering and Technology Division

PT Rekayasa Industri Selects Intergraph® SmartPlant® Materials

9.1.2013 16:48   Engineering company uses industry-leading technology for materials management of major offshore project in Indonesia

IESA Selects Intergraph® Solutions to Build Up to Eight Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading Vessels

8.1.2013 10:22   Sisgraph to provide major Brazilian engineering and construction company with training and support for project

Intergraph® Launches Geospatial Portal 2013

19.12.2012 11:37   Intergraph® announces the release of Geospatial Portal 2013 as part of Intergraph Geospatial Portfolio 2013. Intergraph's powerful set of server solut

Intergraph® Worldwide User Group Conferences Attract Record 6,850 Attendees in 2012

19.12.2012 10:33   Events highlighting the latest releases of industry leading solutions held in 29 countries

Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise Selected for Ichthys LNG Project

18.12.2012 16:40   Leading oil and gas operator to use Intergraph technology to manage information for mega-project in Australia

Intergraph® Presents Third Annual SmartPlant® Engineering & Schematics Excellence Awards to 15 Customers

11.12.2012 10:39   Recipients recognized for using solutions to achieve maximum benefits for their companies

Intergraph® Geospatial 2013 Portfolio Release Now Available

10.12.2012 14:06   Intergraph® announces the official launch of Intergraph Geospatial 2013. This united portfolio is the force that drives smarter decisions, equipping u

Intergraph® and SISGRAPH Power CPFL Energia

7.12.2012 16:31   CPFL Energia selected Intergraph® partner SISGRAPH to deploy Intergraph's InService outage management and mobile workforce management systems to benef

COSCO Extends Partnership with Intergraph®

5.12.2012 12:02   Leading marine and offshore engineering and construction company chooses next-generation SmartMarine® Enterprise to gain further competitive edge

Intergraph® Introduces GeoMedia® 2013

4.12.2012 10:30   Intergraph® announces the upcoming release of GeoMedia® 2013 as part of Intergraph Geospatial Portfolio 2013. A powerful GIS management package that e

Intergraph® Introduces GeoMedia® WebMap 2013

28.11.2012 11:12   Intergraph® announces the upcoming release of GeoMedia® WebMap 2013 as part of Intergraph Geospatial Portfolio 2013. As a fully-scalable server soluti

Intergraph® Expands Edmonton's Geospatial Capabilities

21.11.2012 14:14   The City of Edmonton, Canada, has selected Intergraph® to provide on-going access to the latest geospatial software and services through a multi-year

Samsung Heavy Industries Selects Intergraph® SmartMarine® 3D for Offshore Projects

20.11.2012 16:49   Leading Korean shipbuilder extends application of next-generation 3D engineering technology to offshore industry

Intergraph® Introduces ImageStation® 2013

20.11.2012 13:44   Intergraph® announces the upcoming release of the ImageStation® 2013 software suite as part of Intergraph Geospatial Portfolio 2013. This release prov

Korea District Heating Engineering Company Selects Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise

14.11.2012 16:45   Leading Korean engineering company will use industry-leading solutions for new energy plant projects

Intergraph® Introduces GeoMedia® Smart Client 2013

13.11.2012 9:43   Intergraph® announces the upcoming release of GeoMedia® Smart Client 2013. With updated technology, GeoMedia Smart Client 2013 makes an organization

Intergraph® Leverages Leica Geosystems’ TruView to Connect Engineering Design Basis with Reality

12.11.2012 9:27   Users of Intergraph’s cPLM product SmartPlant® Foundation and SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators can now benefit from intuitive, photorealistic access to asset documentation and data on PCs or mobile devices

Intergraph® Introduces Powerful and Comprehensive Geospatial Server Portfolio

7.11.2012 11:13   Intergraph® announces that the upcoming Intergraph Geospatial 2013 release features a complete server offering to meet an organization\'s enterprise n

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Selects Intergraph® SmartMarine® 3D for Education Program

6.11.2012 16:50   Leading Indonesian technology university provides training in next-generation 3D design solution for marine and offshore industry

Sisgraph Launches Intergraph® Marine Excellence Center in Brazil

1.11.2012 10:14   Rio de Janeiro-based center to provide training and support to SmartMarine® 3D users

LPS 2013 Debuts New Interface & ERDAS IMAGINE® Integration

30.10.2012 18:21   Intergraph announces that ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 will include all of the LPS tools and features within the ERDAS IMAGINE ribbon. This release offers mor

Intergraph® SmartMarine® 3D has been Selected by Keppel FELS Limited as the 3D Modeling Solution for its Next-generation Semisubmersible Drilling Rig

30.10.2012 17:53   Leading offshore company standardizes on rule-based Intergraph technology as preferred 3D modeling and production solution

Intergraph®'s Computer-Aided Dispatch Wins Top Public Safety Award | Intergraph

29.10.2012 14:17   Intergraph®'s industry-leading computer-aided dispatch software has received a top award from the world\'s largest public safety communications organi

Anglo American selects Intergraph® SmartPlant® Foundation

25.10.2012 10:18   Leading copper producer in Chile chooses next-generation information management solution to support handover process

Hitachi Power Europe chooses Intergraph® SmartPlant® 3D to improve productivity and collaboration in future design projects

24.10.2012 10:34   Hitachi Power continues international growth and extends the Intergraph product portfolio with the integrated design solution SmartPlant 3D

ERDAS IMAGINE® 2013 Features Next-Generation Spatial Modeler | Intergraph

24.10.2012 9:23   Intergraph® announces that ERDAS IMAGINE® 2013 will include a next-generation spatial modeler that features an all-new, modern interface and provides

Institute of Technical Education Selects Intergraph® SmartMarine® 3D

23.10.2012 17:54   Singapore education institution adopts next-generation 3D design and software for its Process Plant Design curriculum

Intergraph® Breaks Ground on New Corporate Headquarters

17.10.2012 10:09   State-of-the-art facility expected to open in 2014

Intergraph®’s Video Responder Links Video Surveillance to Computer-Aided Dispatch

10.10.2012 15:33   Intergraph® launched its latest crime-fighting technology, Video Responder, today. Video Responder links video surveillance feeds to Intergraph’s comp

Intergraph Government Solutions® Partners with Carahsoft® for Geospatial Solutions Reseller Channel | Intergraph

9.10.2012 12:16   Intergraph Government Solutions® (IGS) has partnered with Carahsoft Technology Corp.® as a value-added reseller of Intergraph® products to provide geo

Intergraph® Announces that ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 Features New Toolset for Handling Point Clouds | Intergraph

9.10.2012 12:16   Intergraph announces that the upcoming release of ERDAS IMAGINE will include dynamic tools that will enable users to more thoroughly visualize, analy

WorleyParsons Signs Global Alliance Agreement with Intergraph®

9.10.2012 3:02   Five-year agreement gives leading global engineering and project delivery company access to all solutions in SmartPlant® and SmartMarine® Enterprise portfolios

World’s largest nuclear fusion reactor to be built with enterprise engineering technology from Intergraph®

3.10.2012 11:51   The global organization ITER chose Intergraph’s products to handle the assembly, commissioning and construction of the plant

Petrofac selects leading technology from Intergraph’s SmartPlant® solutions

25.9.2012 14:55  
Petrofac deploys SmartPlant Enterprise solutions to improve efficiencies in execution of engineering projects while producing improved deliverables

Intergraph® Releases CAESAR II® 2011 R1 for Advanced Integration with Smart 3D and SmartPlant® Review

24.9.2012 9:24   Interface provides smooth data transfer from piping design to the engineering environment

Intergraph® Ranks as No. 1 Overall Engineering Design Solution Provider for Industry in ARC Advisory Group Study for the 6th Consecutive Year

18.9.2012 9:15   Analyst organization’s research places Intergraph among top three suppliers based on revenues in all four global regions

National Irish Electrical Network Implements New GIS Powered by Intergraph® Technology | Intergraph

5.9.2012 10:42   Intergraph® and its partners, Irish Mapping & GIS Solutions Limited (IMGS) and Rolta UK Limited, were awarded a contract to supply a geographic in

Intergraph® Wins Contract with Santos for SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators

28.8.2012 19:07   Next-generation technology to be used for ground-breaking Santos GLNG project

Intergraph® to Showcase Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS Solutions at ISPRS 2012 | Intergraph

23.8.2012 14:00   Intergraph® will showcase key innovations and offer a number of technical presentations at the XXII Congress of the International Society for Photogra

Intergraph® Helps Milton Rural Landcare Improve Land Management | Intergraph

21.8.2012 12:21   Milton Rural Landcare – a group of residents and landholders in Milton, Australia, that enhances the sustainability of farms in the region – has selec

Intergraph® Introduces New Application Concepts at the European Space Agency's App Camp | Intergraph

2.8.2012 13:27   Intergraph® announces its recent participation in the European Space Agency's (ESA) App Camp, which brought together the top geospatial innovators acr

Intergraph® Supports Disaster Response in Wake of Devastating Fires in Greece | Intergraph

25.7.2012 14:30   Intergraph® announces that Geosystems Hellas S.A., its authorized geospatial distributor in Greece and Cyprus, has provided solutions to WWF Hellas to

Greater China Becomes Separate Operating Region for Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine Division with new Executive Management

2.7.2012 10:10   Industry executive Welch Sun will lead division’s business in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Canadian Emergency Dispatch Centre Selects Intergraph®’s Business Intelligence to Enhance Reporting to Provincial Health System

26.6.2012 14:12   Public Safety Communications to Implement Business Intelligence for Public Safety for Meaningful, Timely and Transparent Reporting to Alberta Health S

Bayer Technology Services and Intergraph® signed agreement that lays the foundation for a German Partner Community

20.6.2012 10:25   The Partner Community Agreement aims to provide a platform for consistent piping standards throughout the future German market using SmartPlant® Reference Data

Intergraph® Showcases New Spatial Modeling Technology at Hexagon 2012

7.6.2012 14:48   At this week's Hexagon 2012, Intergraph® is showcasing the exciting capabilities of ERDAS IMAGINE®'s next-generation Spatial Modeler. This revolutiona

WorleyParsons, Empresarios Agrupados and Samsung Heavy Industries Receive Intergraph® Awards at Hexagon 2012

7.6.2012 12:04   Annual Golden Valve and Platinum Pipe competitions honor the most innovative uses of SmartPlant® and SmartMarine® Enterprise solutions

Intergraph® Releases Smart 3D 2011 R1 for Enhanced Quality and Productivity

6.6.2012 10:20   New license flexibility gives users access to all functionalities of SmartPlant® 3D,
SmartMarine® 3D and SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Arizona, Chooses Intergraph®'s End-to-End Public Safety Software Solutions

6.6.2012 10:14   The Maricopa County Sheriff\'s Office, Arizona, has selected Intergraph® to provide the agency with its integrated, end-to-end public safety software

Intergraph® Announces OEM Agreement with MapText, Inc.

6.6.2012 10:13   Intergraph® announces it has signed an OEM agreement with MapText, Inc., the leading label-placement solutions provider for local, state and national

Intergraph® Highlights Advanced Point Cloud Capabilities at Hexagon 2012

6.6.2012 10:12   The Maricopa County Sheriff\'s Office, Arizona, has selected Intergraph® to provide the agency with its integrated, end-to-end public safety software

Three California Cities Choose Intergraph®\'s Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile for Public Safety Software

6.6.2012 10:12   The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Arizona, has selected Intergraph® to provide the agency with its integrated, end-to-end public safety software s

Intergraph® Releases Validation, Transformation and Loading 2012

6.6.2012 10:09   Productized version of data handover solution serves as engine for transitioning engineering data from multiple sources to a handover target

PTT Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited Integrates Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise and Leica Geosystems Laser Scanning Solutions

5.6.2012 16:30   Leading Thai petrochemical company expands on Intergraph’s industry-leading solution with integration of laser scan data for plant operations and maintenance

Intergraph®\'s Incident Management Version 9.2 Promotes Smarter Decisions with SMS Text Messaging and Rapid Deployment of Interfaces | Intergraph

5.6.2012 16:24   Intergraph®, a world leader in public safety and security software, has released the newest version of one of the industry\'s most widely deployed inc

City of Edmonton Launches Pilot for Intergraph® and Leica Geosystems GIS Solution | Intergraph

5.6.2012 16:23   Intergraph® announces that the City of Edmonton, Canada, has implemented a pilot program that will use Intergraph and Leica Geosystems combined produc

Shell to Take Ownership of the Engineering and Instrumentation Data Management at its Pearl Gas to Liquids Plant in Qatar

5.6.2012 10:13   Intergraph® next-generation instrumentation solution supports mega-project as development expands further

Intergraph® Releases CADWorx® Plant Professional 2013

3.5.2012 9:57   Highly anticipated updated version of intelligent plant design program boosts efficiency

Intergraph® Opens Expanded Global Marine Center in Korea

25.4.2012 19:44   Center of excellence and marine expertise will enable customers to leverage industry-leading SmartMarine® Enterprise for enhanced productivity

GDF SUEZ E&P UK chooses Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise suite

24.4.2012 13:12   The information management solutions suite will provide GDF SUEZ with a long-term fully integrated system for engineering and operations

Intergraph® Supports the ISO 15926 Standard with the Release of SmartPlant® P&ID ISO 15926 Export Utility

3.4.2012 8:16   New commercially available utility offers customers solution configurability

Intergraph® Introduces SmartPlant® FreeView™

20.3.2012 9:53   Free viewer allows users to display and navigate SmartPlant® 3D and SmartMarine® 3D models, view associated plant properties

Airport Security from Perimeter to Terminal

27.2.2012 10:45   Intergraph’s unique approach to airport security brings you the intelligent convergence of sensors, video, and geospatial information, displayed clearly in an intuitive, common operating picture. Our expert security team helps airports manage risk and compliance with policy, while remaining within limited budgets. Airports are an important part of the global supply chain and must have the business resilience to mitigate and respond to threats of all kinds. Intergraph can help you protect people and infrastructure without disrupting normal operations. Download our solution sheet now!

Intergraph® and Skire Announce New Customer Signing of INPEX Ichthys LNG Project

21.2.2012 17:09   Skire Unifier™ will provide comprehensive cost management for the largest oil and gas development in the Northern Territory of Australia

Intergraph® 2011 User Group Conferences Attended By 5,500 Delegates Worldwide

12.1.2012 11:13   Record number of attendees learn about latest releases of software solutions

Intergraph® Releases CADWorx® DraftPro™ Free Intelligent 2D Drafting

10.1.2012 10:08   AutoCAD®-based design tool available to plant design and engineering community

Watch Our Public Safety & Security Video: Adding Sensor and Video Integration to Your PSAP

13.12.2011 16:38   In today’s world, sensor and video integration (SAVI) that includes multiple data types is critical for complete monitoring and protection. There are complex challenges linking these cameras, access control systems, motion detection devices, chemical and biological threat detection sensors, and biometrics devices to your public safety information technology systems. Watch this webcast to discover our SAVI solutions to issues such as system integration, data management, protocol/format encoding and decoding, notification management, and complex event processing. You will learn how to manage and simplify the intelligent convergence of data from these diverse security assets and use them to enhance and improve your situational awareness and response.

Legrand Electric Joins SmartPlant® 3D Enthusiastic Followers to Design and Manage More Efficient and Accurate Cable Routing

13.12.2011 11:19   The deal further strengthens Intergraph’s position among plant suppliers

Read About Intergraph’s Vision for Safe Cities through Integrated Operations Centers

18.11.2011 9:52   Read our white paper, Solutions for Safe Cities: Intergraph’s Vision for Integrated Operations Centers, to find out how an IOC can bring responders and systems together for collaborative, real-time decision-making. Using a common operational platform, IOCs form the foundation for a Smart City/Safe City, where detection, prediction, and information management technologies improve efficiency, promote citizen safety, and protect critical infrastructure. Discover how next-generation IOCs not only assist in responding to traditional emergencies, but can also be used to manage cities, towns, and other population centers.

Sinclair Knight Merz Selects Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise to Optimize Project Delivery

16.11.2011 19:33   Leading engineering and project delivery company uses next-generation technology to configure integrated capability for mining and metals projects

Don’t Forget to View Intergraph’s On-Demand Geospatial Product Webcast Series

10.11.2011 13:07   Intergraph offers the Geospatial Product Webcast Series, a set of complimentary, on-demand webcasts available for you to view. Learn more or watch the entire series today!

Intergraph’s Bob Scott Speaks on Video Integration for PSAPs at Secured Cities, Baltimore, Maryland

9.11.2011 10:15   Hear Intergraph’s Bob Scott, Executive Director of Security Solutions Strategy, speak at Secured Cities, Baltimore, Maryland, Nov. 10-11. Bob will speak at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, 11:00 a.m. – noon. Register today!

Register for Our Complimentary Intergraph Webcast: Upgrading to G/Technology 10

7.11.2011 14:45   Sign up today for Intergraph’s live webcast: Upgrading to G/Technology 10 for Utilities & Communications on November 15 at 10:00 a.m. (CST). Read our blog to learn more.

Win a Free Security Consultation at Secured Cities, Baltimore, Maryland – $1000 Value!

31.10.2011 12:32   Intergraph is a proud sponsor of Secured Cities, the premier conference on video surveillance! Visit us in Booth 8 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, November 10-11, in Baltimore, Maryland. If your business or agency is in the continental U.S., you'll earn a chance to win a free security consultation – on-site at your business or agency – just for meeting with a member of our Sensor and Video Integration (SAVI) team! Intergraph's widely used software enables you to capture information from surveillance cameras and other sensing devices, and display it in an interactive, common operating picture. You can even link this information to computer-aided dispatch systems from Intergraph or other vendors for fast and intelligent response. Register for Secured Cities today!

Intergraph® Releases Latest Versions of SmartPlant® 3D and SmartMarine® 3D for Safer, Higher Quality Designs and Productivity Gains

26.10.2011 11:36   Next-generation plant, offshore and materials handling design solutions add enhancements to support mega-projects as adoption expands further

DORIS Engenharia Ltda. Chooses Intergraph® SmartMarine® Enterprise Solutions for Brazilian FPSO Projects

25.10.2011 15:17   SmartMarine 3D is being used in front-end engineering design phase, also specified for detail design

Sign Up for Intergraph’s On-Demand Geospatial Product Webcast Series

17.10.2011 15:15   Intergraph and ERDAS are now working together, leveraging their synergies to redefine the geospatial industry. To build off this growing momentum, Intergraph and ERDAS are hosting the Geospatial Product Webcast Series, a set of complimentary, on-demand webcasts that enable you to experience the future of the geospatial industry firsthand. Learn more by reading our blog!

Read Our Intelligent Convergence White Paper

11.10.2011 15:08   Today’s unpredictable threats to transportation systems, utilities, critical infrastructure, and more, push the limits of single, standalone security systems. More comprehensive protection from terrorism, accidents, and natural disasters requires the intelligent convergence of data from cameras, access control systems, motion detection devices, chemical and biological threat detection sensors, biometrics, and other systems. In turn, these systems must link to information technology systems, visualization systems, geographic information systems, notification systems, and intelligent analytics, for a holistic approach to security. Read our white paper to learn more!

ARC Advisory Group Again Ranks Intergraph® as World’s No. 1 Process Engineering Tools, 3D Design Software Provider

11.10.2011 10:15   Leading analyst organization says broad SmartPlant® and SmartMarine® Enterprise portfolios, value proposition make Intergraph premier enterprise engineering company

ASIS 2011 Highlights Intergraph’s PSIM+ and Intelligent Convergence Software

10.10.2011 14:07   As always, ASIS International was a great experience! Congratulations to our drawing winner, Cynthia Garcia from Terramark, who received a Flip Video UltraHD 3rd Generation Camcorder. Visitors to our booth had an opportunity to see our PSIM+ solution demo, which combines the best of physical security information management (PSIM) with our industry-leading computer-aided dispatch. During the conference, we were also proud to present EdgeFrontier® middleware, our intelligence convergence solution that lets you seamlessly integrate data from third-party devices, such as alarms and surveillance cameras, and present it in our common operating picture. For true multi-agency collaboration, we partner with technology standards organizations such as the Open Standards Security Alliance and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®).

Intergraph® 2011 PP&M Mexico User Conference Begins in Mexico City

4.10.2011 10:36   Engineering experts convene to discuss safety, quality and productivity

Intergraph® 2011 PP&M Canada User Conference Begins in Calgary

21.9.2011 11:05   Engineering experts convene to discuss safety, quality and productivity

Intergraph® CADWorx® & Analysis University Begins in Houston

19.9.2011 11:48   Opening keynotes announce investments in CADWorx, CAESAR II® and PV Elite® and ongoing integration with SmartPlant® Enterprise

Intergraph Announces Integrated Security Systems with Totus Solutions

19.9.2011 11:32   Today at ASIS International, Orlando, Florida, Intergraph announced its agreement with Totus Solutions, a leading provider of security platforms for security grids, to deliver their integrated security systems. The companies’ combined technologies enable customers to use Intergraph’s Security Framework to manage and monitor Totus’ leading-edge, LED streetlight-based Guardian Security Platforms™. The intelligent streetlight technology enables customers to quickly extend their security infrastructure to monitor pedestrian and vehicular activity along walkways, on streets/roadways, in parking lots, on campuses, and on the perimeters of installations and facilities. The integration of that technology with Intergraph’s Security Framework and widely used computer-aided dispatch system makes it possible for agencies and businesses to receive alarms, monitor activity, and manage sensors for improved incident response.

It’s Almost Time for ASIS International, Orlando, Florida, USA

15.9.2011 15:49   Stop by and see Intergraph’s security innovations at ASIS International in Orlando! Talk to our experts in booth #687 for a chance to win a Flip Video UltraHD 3rd Generation Camcorder. Mention this blog post for an extra chance to win! Discover how our security solutions for airports, transit systems, critical infrastructure, borders, and more, support the intelligent convergence of cameras, sensors, and systems. We offer a unique combination of physical security information management PLUS incident response in an easy-to-understand common operating picture. Find out how we’re meeting the world’s evolving security challenges.

Register for Tomorrow's Live Webcast on I/Incident Analyst for Transportation Industries

7.9.2011 14:46   Register for Intergraph’s live geospatial product webcast tomorrow: I/Incident Analyst – Pinpointing Roadway Risks and Ensuring Safety for Motorists from
11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (CST). Learn how transportation departments can strengthen strategic and tactical assessment, pinpoint high-incident areas on roadways, and produce pattern and risk analysis.

Intergraph® 2011 Asia-Pacific Conferences Achieve Record Numbers

5.9.2011 18:57   Annual user conferences deliver unprecedented quality and value across eight events

Register for Tomorrow’s Complimentary Intergraph Webcast: GeoMedia® 3D – The World’s Not Flat. Why View it That Way?

31.8.2011 16:14   If you haven’t registered for Intergraph’s live geospatial product webcast: GeoMedia® 3D – The World’s Not Flat. Why View it That Way? on September 1 from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. (CST), you still have time to register today! Read our blog for registration details.

Intergraph® 2011 Korea Commences

29.8.2011 20:29   Engineering experts convene at industry-leading user conference

Intergraph® 2011 Australia Commences

21.8.2011 19:50   Engineering experts convene at industry-leading user conference

Intergraph® Releases New Version of Standard Database for SmartPlant® Reference Data

9.8.2011 19:08   Partnership with Process Industry Practices consortium provides users with easy access to piping material specifications certified for Smart 3D

Toyo Engineering Corporation Standardizes Globally on Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise

20.7.2011 20:18   Leading Japanese engineering company extends long-term partnership with Intergraph

COSCO Shipyard Group, Keppel FELS Ltd., Promon Engenharia and Samsung Heavy Industries Receive Annual Intergraph® Awards

9.6.2011 12:54   Golden Valve, Platinum Pipe competitions recognize most creative, innovative uses of SmartPlant® and SmartMarine® Enterprise solutions

Intergraph® Announces Intergraph CADWorx® 2012 Compatibility with AutoCAD® 2012

8.6.2011 16:08   Full support, new capabilities and performance-enhancing features of new release

Petrovietnam Marine Shipyard Company Standardizes on Intergraph® SmartMarine® 3D

8.6.2011 15:36   Growing company expands use of Intergraph technology and selects integrated suite of SmartMarine Enterprise solutions

ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Selects Intergraph® SmartPlant® 3D

8.6.2011 15:20   World’s largest coking and refractory engineering company uses SmartPlant Enterprise suite of solutions to enhance safety, quality and productivity of engineering design

Next-generation Cruise Ships to be Designed with Intergraph® SmartMarine® Enterprise

7.6.2011 11:36   STX France, part of International shipbuilding group STX, signs a five-year agreement with software provider to improve its design quality and project management

PTT Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited Standardizes on Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise

7.6.2011 10:33   Leading Thai petrochemical company seeks integrated technology platform for enhanced engineering efficiency and productivity

Hexagon AB is now on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!

25.5.2011 15:53   Hexagon AB, parent company of Intergraph, is now on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter! Join and you may win an Amazon Kindle

Kuwait National Petroleum Company Relies on Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise to Upgrade its Production Facilities

24.5.2011 12:22   SmartPlant® Enterprise offers comprehensive integrated engineering solutions for the plant life cycle enhancing plant’s safety and improving productivity
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